Something Big is Cookin’


One would think that after I’ve returned back home, I’ll have all the time in the world to do whatever the fuck I want. Well, sure, I don’t do 9-5, I am responsible for my own schedule, but it is probably closer to 8-20. But I do everything on my terms and the manyyyy projects that I get involved with, are all ideas that are coming from me. There is something unbelievably freeing about being able to call the shots of your own life. 

For anyone who’s interested in what we’ve been up to, here is a little rundown :)


We started Fryderyk’s stardom with the first interview for a local newspaper. It was rather small, but it draw a little bit of attention to us. Next was a fantastic collaboration with Radio Kraków where I got interviewed by the great Grzegorz Bernasik who has done a phenomenal job getting to the essence of my experience on the bike. You can listen to the interview here.

kociewiak ola mae orlikowska kot fryderyk bike trip european trip

Ola Mae talks to a local newspaper

radio kraków interview ola orlikowska eurotrip bikeride kot mae

Ola Mae Orlikowska interviewed by Radio Kraków


Then Fryderyk and I travelled to Warsaw. We were invited by a national polish TV. Fryd showed off his southern temperament, running around the studio like a complete madman. The crew magically managed to get a few shots of him, and along with the beautiful pictures from the trip, it made for a lovely picture. You can watch the interview in polish hereThere’s a version with English subtitles which you can find on my Linkedin page. 

tvp pytanie na śniadanie ola orlikowska bike trip ola mae interview

Ola Mae speaking on national polish tv

fryderyk the cat polish tv interview ola mae orlikowska

Ola Mae and Fryderyk at the studio

orlikowska warsaw tv interview ola mae bike trip european trip

Pytanie na Śniadanie with Ola Orlikowska


Even during the trip I’ve started to think of ways to share my stories with people who can benefit from it. I came up with the idea of talks given to high schoolers and once I’ve returned back home, I rolled up my sleeves to organize a few events. I got involved in a series of public speeches that I presented to 4 local high schools. You can see pictures from the event here. It has been challenging as I’ve never spoken in public before, but it is such a wonderful skill to master. I will be doing my best to keep this going as I’ve seen fantastic feedback from the youth and I feel like I really got something of value to share with people. 


Recently, I submitted an application for a competition. I was required to answer a question ‘How do you contribute to making this world a more diverse and friendly place’, and … I won! Along with 4 other prize winners, we will participate in a photoshoot that will promote the idea of staying true to yourself and encouraging others to do the same. I am uber excited to be involved with  on this campaign! The shoot is happening this week, and the campaign comes out on the 15th. I will be sharing stories, and behind the pictures on my Instagram, check it out at olamae_photo

starogard gdanski high schools ola mae presentation public speaking

Giving speeches at high school, Ola Orlikowska

presentation public speaking youth high school starogard poland ola mae orlikowska

Ola Mae presenting about her trip

presentation public speaking speech presenting ola mae orlikowska bike trip

Starogard Gdanski and Ola Mae

In the meantime, there is a lot of ‘Me (+doggo) Time’ in the forest. Life feels like we’re headed in the right direction. 

forest poland fall ola bike ride mae orlikowska

Skórcz, forest

Gmina Skórcz, Ola Orlikowska

forest sunset nature lover ola bike trip adventure kot fryderyk orlikowska

Ola Mae, forest

kot i pies fryderyk the traveling cat biking with a cat ola mae

Friends, Orlikowska, Poland

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