I will be home NEXT WEEK

 In the past 8 days, I have covered over 800 km, banging out a 100 on a daily basis like nobody’s business. I camped for 7 nights straight, crossed 3 borders, managed to avoid rain, and somehow made it to Slovakia, all on time!

Dang, it’s been an intense week! 


Last Sunday in Italy felt very lonely. I was busy preparing for the road, but my sister had already left with her family for the vacation, and the house was just so empty … There was no one to say goodbye to, summer seemed to share its last rays of sun with me, and I could only look back at the hell of good times that I had there for the past couple of weeks as I got back on the bike … 


After being in Italy for the past 4 months, I must admit that traveling has begun to feel a bit stale to me … I did not feel the excitement and thrill of being in a new place, and it all seemed very similar to me. But, boy was I in for a surprise the moment I crossed the border! I was truly overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape and how, all of the sudden, I started to feel like I was on ‘my side of Europe’. The language sounded so similar, everywhere I looked I saw green trees and beautiful green hills, people seemed friendly, and the weather was great. I truly LOVED Slovenia and look forward to returning there soon!


My determination to return back home has not decreased. I have been covering long hours on the bike so that I can get home before summer leaves the northern sphere. I am taking a short break in Bratislava to charge up my batteries, and then cross the border with Poland on Saturday :) (WHUUUUUT?!) The plan is to go to Oświęcim for an extra day and stay to see the Auschwitz concentration camp. From there on, I will need another 5 days, to get to the north of Poland, where I live. I expect to get back to Skórcz on Saturday, 18th of September- in the eve of my 13th month being on the road :) 

As always, I include the map of my progress so far. The loop is nearly closed :) 

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