Born and raised in Poland, Ola Mae studied photography in the USA, and worked as a production assistant for commercial shoots, as well as a high end children’s photographer in London. She directed, produced, shot, and edited multiple short films.

Ola Mae draws her inspiration from the experience of living in divergently dissimilar cultural backgrounds, blending and mixing the lessons that she was fortunate to receive in each one of them. As a multi-passionate artist, she pours her talents into many disciplines, constantly experimenting with mediums and formats.

She spent the past 2 years planning a European bike touring trip, and jumped head first into the unknown nature of adventure, despite the global pandemic. What she discovered transformed her Life. Currently, she excitedly shares details of the trip in her blog. 

Through the mundane and the extraordinary, Ola Mae continues to practice her dubious dance moves on Instagram, as she celebrates loving and accepting oneself, listening to your intuition, and embracing discomfort. One breath at the time.

To Ola Mae each subject reveals something about her own self. Whether through personality, the conversation, or the overall feeling that accompanied the shoot- there’s always a realization and a sense of connectability that she takes away from those encounters. 

‘My goal is to create authentic portraits that explore the human condition and capture the true essence of my subjects.’

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ola Mae

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Through cinematic imagery and powerful narration, Ola Mae uses films to tell complex stories about human condition. She shoots, edits, and directs all of her projects.   

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A modern-day manifesto calling for conscious lifestyle, compassionate living, and reconnecting to your own self. 


Personal story revealing the universal truths about dedicating yourself to pursue a worthy goal, being driven by a passion., and believing in yourself.

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