On today’s Podcast, we have Ola Mae an adventurer who spent 13 months cycling around Europe.
In August 2020, despite the world pandemic, she embarked on a solo bike touring adventure. During her 13-month long expedition, she cycled almost 15 000 km, travelling through 12 countries. Half of which, she visited with a stray cat that she picked in the South of Italy.
She shares the stories and details of her life-transforming journey on the Podcast where she openly discusses what it means to be a solo female bike traveller, the importance of purpose, and all things spiritual.
You can listen to the episode HERE

H&M and NOIZZ create a new campaign together 

Five amazing people who every day show how important diversity and being yourself are. 

Ola Mae dropped everything and left. Her journey through the pandemic has inspired many as she shares her experiences via social media. Has she found peace on the way?

Polish National TV

The amazing story of a girl who traveled over 12 countries on a bike with a … cat! Ola Mae tells the story of her adventures, shows the breathtaking pictures of her European trip and visits the studio with her furry friend - Fryderyk. 

Napędzani Marzeniami, Podcast

It was supposed to be a conversation about a 13-month bicycle trip ended up being a discourse on discovering yourself, emotions, searching for your life path, courage, and going with the flow. Listen to the conversation with Ola Mae Orlikowska on Napędzani Marzeniami

Śladami Marzeń, travel festival

2nd place in the “World” category – Ola Mae

An award granted for a sense of humor and a presentation that was full flown stand-up show, but one full of heart and a beautiful affirmation - that wherever we go and whatever we do, the first step is to like oneself.


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