It’s been a juicy month since we last checked in… and we’ve got a few fun stories to share with y’all.


By far, the most exciting thing we’ve done in the past month was a photoshoot done as a collab for H&M.  We started the day with the amazing makeup from Ania followed by the shots taken by the one and only Michaela. The material was featured in the article published by Noizz.pl. You can read it here!

ola mae h&m orlikowska warszawa warsaw poland photoshoot

Ola Mae for H&M

photoshoot warsaw noizz campaign ola mae

Ola Mae for H&M

orlikowska micheala Metesová ola mae photoshoot

Ola Mae for H&M

makeup campaing hm ola mae orlikowska

Ola Mae for H&M

photoshoot poland orlikowska ola mae bike european

Ola Mae for H&M

bike trip photoshoot public speaking photos ola mae

Ola Mae for H&M

model photoshoot warszawa ola mae bike orlikowska

Ola Mae for H&M

ola orlikowska photoshoot warszawa h&m ola mae

Ola Mae for H&M

h&m noizz campaing pięć niezwykłych osób ola mae orlikowska

Ola Mae for H&M

My favorite part of the shoot was the amazing promo film shot by Piotr 


After good 15 years (!) I had a chance to go back to my primary school. Not to talk about my trip, but instead, give a photo lecture. It was great to talk to the kiddos yet again, and share my passion for picture making. I even got a diploma! Swipe through the pictures below!

szkoła podstawowa w skórczu kółko fotograficzne ola mae public speaking
public speaking talking to youth ola mae orlikowska kółko fotograficzne
szkoła podstawowa w skórczu photo lecture  orlikowska starogard gdański ola mae


We also gave a few more talks to the kids from my own hometown. I loved seeing some of my old teachers come to the talks and speak to me afterward. What an honor! I even brought Fryderyk and Edward (the bike) along! :) 

ola mae public speaking szkoła licealna w skórczu szkoła wojskowa orlikowska pogadanka

Ola Mae speaking about her European Bike Trip

skórcz szkoła wojskowa pogadanki orlikowska ola mae rower

Ola Mae in Skórcz

public speaking ola mae orlikowska skórcz poland high school

Ola Mae with the local youth

pogadanki szkoła w skórczu ola ze skórcza orlikowska ola mae

Ola Mae and the cat Fryderyk


My favourite part about being back home is THE FOREST. Everytime I go there, I feel like Nature just embraces me. Worries and anxiety get lifted, and I can reset and oxidize my brain. How come the grey, murky colors of early winter don’t bother me anymore? I think I have finally grown to appreciate where I’m from. Here are a few shots from the winter wonderland that I’ve obsessed about lately.

forest skórcz ola mae orlikowska bike

Winter in Skórcz

meditation ola mae orlikowska poland skórcz

Daily Forest Walks

forest meditation nature bath orlikowska public speaking ola mae

Winter Wonderland


Yes, I have deleted my social media from my phone. I did not disactivate anything, I am not removing it from my life entirely, but I am GRINDING! I am putting some serious work into the book and I am probably 1/3 of the way done. The plan is to have  2/3rds complete by the end of the year and get the have the first draft by my birthday (February 4th). Then the process of polishing will begin. Woah, that’s quite a schedule! Wish me luck! I also welcome all the good energy! :) 

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