Possibly the only cat in Poland that cycled over 3,000 kilometers. Fryderyk's detailed story remains a mystery, as the cat got his tongue, but given his strange, shortened tail, it is believed that he may have fallen a victim to a mob hit. As a retired traveler, he spends most of his days napping, guarding the bowl, forcing Ola to pat him, and writing the book.

Ola Mae

Ola Mae is a multi-passionate artist who in the midst of the pandemic left her prestigious job to follow a full time biking gig. She is a laureate of the Journalists and Audience award for the Kolosy festival, as well as the unofficial record holder in peeling and eating the largest number of bananas in one minute ( the jury does not recognize the results, because Fryderyk remains the only witness of the event ).

Ola Mae shares her life transforming bike story, as well as general updates on her blog.

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